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Looks: Imposing presence, robust, well-developed muscles. It is a blend of power, good temperament, courage, and docility. Square head from any angle you look at it, desired width with respect to the length of the head and the mouth is 2 to 3. Powerful neck, broad and deep chest with strong limbs and bones. The size in males starts at 29.5 inches and in females at 27 inches. The weight is not featured in the standard, but in males, it ranges from 154 lb. to 220 lb. and in females from 121 lb.

  Temperament: The standard defines it as a combination of grandeur and good temper, courage and docility.

"There is no other dog that can be more peaceful, self-confident, and self-assured than the mastiff. He likes to take naps, loves to be pampered and he lets us know so. He has infinite patience with children. For the family, he is the absolute deterrent and when put into action he is unstoppable. Fortunately, few situations can upset a mastiff. Then it becomes an unstoppable machine. There is no shouting, hitting, or intimidating maneuver that can appease it." "Therefore, being in his presence, you can enjoy peace of mind and fully rely on the stability of his character. It is the ideal dog for company and protection. He knows how to protect without attacking. His character is sweet and sensitive, and he is incredibly smart and loves being part of the family. He does not like being alone, and enjoys sharing the family’s moments and places."

He likes being outdoors; neither the cold weather nor the rain can affect it, but intense heat can bother him.

The power and respect that it radiates is not in its aggressiveness, but in its demeanor and temperament. Quiet and affectionate with its owners, of sound temperament, it has an excellent guard dog instinct."

I had the opportunity to test the protective instincts and balance of his temperament. On one occasion the mail carrier tried to deliver the mail to one of my grandchildren -he was four years old- who was playing near his mastiff "Valentine." When the dog saw that he was approaching the child and was reaching out to deliver the letter, it quickly grabbed his arm, with great terror of the poor man, and only released him when the mother came in and withdrew the letter. This did not cause any injury to the mail carrier’s arm, but the pressure from its jaws was strong enough so as not to let him loose.

On another occasion, "Valentín" saved the child's life when with a bump moved him out of the back of a car that was reversing without seeing him, which could have injured him.

There are many stories of amazing events related to the attitude of the mastiffs, but I just wanted to tell you those from my own experience. Showing infinite patience to endure a child mischief is typical of a mastiff.


Valentín With Benjamín And Jeremías


   Diesel with Caty

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