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Mastiff Origin
British National Mastiff, the English Mastiff or Mastiff, is one of the oldest breeds and its origin would be the Tibetan Mastiff, introduced in Europe by the Phoenicians in the sixth century B.C.
In Britain reliefs dating from 2000 BC were found.
Since ancient times the English Mastiff was used in England for hunting, war, or as guardian for people and castles due to his aggressiveness.
In the past, it was also used for fights in the Roman circus against bulls, bears and lions.
Subsequently, after dog fights were forbidden in England, aggressiveness was reduced by selective breeding, making remarkably balanced-temperament specimens, and very suitable as guard dogs and family company dogs.


What the lion is to the cat, the Mastiff is to the dog,the noblest of the family,
He stands alone, and all others sink before him.
His courage does not exceed her temper and generosity,
And in attachment he equals the kindest of his race.”
Cynographia Britannica 1800

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