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This listing has no chronological order or of importance.
Nor are all our friends with their puppies;
just the ones we had pictures of.




Our friends from Salta, Fernanda and Osvaldo with High and Migthi of Blow Up “JACK”
And at home when they came to look for him.



Jeanine and her sons (si no son todos varones, children), with Pampa Jam of Blow Up “Isis”, in Montevideo, Uruguay.






Dora Rizzuto from Henley Mastiff with Lady Charm of Blow Up (G. Champ Arg. Champ Lat. Champ. Int. Beowulfs Road Warrior "Diesel" x Champ Arg. Beowulfs Breezy) and Henley Meccano (G. Champ Arg. Champ. Lat. Champ. Int. Beowulfs Road Warrior "Diesel" x Blue Bell of
la Taira)




Our friends Peter Cases and Estela at home, with “Diesel” and “Breezy” when they came to look for Blue Lark of Blow Up.

Peter in his house in Buenos Aires, with her puppy after 4 months. Es después de cuatro meses o cuando el cachorro tenía cuatro meses?

At 2 she is Argentine Champion,
Latin American Champion,
International Champion,
Daughter of the Argentinean Champion "Beowulfs Breezy" and International multiple champion "Beowulfs Road Warrior" Diesel.
Her happy owners, our friends Peter Cases and Estela.

In this photo, with Peter and her handler.


Our friends Ana María Fajardo and Ricardo Álvarez Bustillo, with "Runner of Blow Up" (Joaquín) in their house in the island of San Andrés, Colombia.  
Natalia Renzo and Martín Musante with "Balder of Blow Up", at our home. They came for him when he was 2 months.








Our friend Richard Basso from Montevideo, Uruguay with “Phantom of Blow Up” (Iron), at 4 and 6 months.




At home when they came to look for him and in their house in Chile at 4 months.




At home when they came to look for him and in their house in Chile at 4 months.










On the left Taylor of Blow Up with Daniel Zambrano Perrone and Carolina Riquelme Zambrano, our friends from Chile.



Teodoro of Blow up "Bono", 12 months, and Miss Tiffany of Blow up "Tyffany", 4 months, with our friend from Mendoza Enrique Arnulphi.











Gabriela y Shyraz, cuando vino a llevar su cachorra

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